All About Bass Fishing In The Rain

Why should you go for bass fishing in the rains? Doesn't fishing in the rains sound interesting to you? Yes indeed bass fishing in the rains is not just exciting but it even gives you amazing results with little extra efforts that you put in.

Anglers all around the world believe that fishing in the rains for bass gives you far more successful angling sessions than the normal ones. This article will help you know all about bass fishing in the rain and you are soon to fall in love with the heavy downpours.

Advantages To Fish For The Bass In The Rains

  • Less Competition

One of the best reasons to fish for bass in the rain is that the number of anglers out to fish is extremely low during heavy downpours. Even if anglers are all set to leave home for the lake they immediately cancel their plans if a sudden shower turns up.

Such are the times when the passionate anglers well aware of the benefits head out in search of huge targets. As there are less number of fishermen out to fish the competition is minimized leaving the huge number of fishes open to a limited number of anglers.

  • Less Light And Increased Productivity

Bass tends to be super active during the rains. Therefore, it becomes extremely easy to trap them in such times.

Anglers state that the rainy days have proved to be very productive for their angling sessions since always especially because the bass is much more active and agitated during such times.

Moreover, less of sun rays and light again proves to be an amazing factor for the anglers. It becomes troublesome for the bass to adjust their sight with the changing light levels. This makes them weak and they cannot fight back with a lot of strength.

On extremely hot days you will have the bass sticking close to the bottoms to avoid the warmth and they stay away from the shallow waters. Whereas on rainy days the sun rays are covered by the clouds and bass gets comfortable to move out of the covers. They become carefree and move here and there leisurely.

  • Bass Won't Be Able To Notice You

Bass are smart enough to notice the presence of the anglers. During rains, it becomes difficult for the bass to notice your presence. You can take full advantage of such a situation. You can without the fear of scaring the bass go close enough to the lot.

Let's Learn To Trap Bass In the Rain

  • Target For Shallow Waters

During downpours bass mostly tends to stay in the shallow waters. Rains cause the fresh nutrients to flow into the water bodies which the bass get attracted towards. Species like bluegill hunt for these nutrients to feed on them.

That is when you might get hold of a number of fishes. It is recommended that you keep your boat posted nearby to the shoreline and keep casting parallel to it. By doing this you will be able to cover a larger area and chances to trap fishes would increase.

  • Spinner baits And Top water Lures

 Spinner baits are one of the most liked baits when it comes to fishing for the bass in the rains. These types of baits create a huge amount of noise and vibration in the water body and also cover a larger area.

These factors play a huge role to attract the bass towards themselves. Also, the spinner baits can help you fish in the shallow waters as well as the layers below it. So you need not carry more than a bait to serve your purpose.

On the other hand, you can also try using top water lures to attract the bass. These lures work wonders in the rains especially when the rain is light and mild.

During such conditions, the bugs get attracted to the lures which in turn attract the larger bass species like baitfish as well as bluegill.

Prepare For Muddy Waters

When it rains the water bodies tend to become muddy and dark. In such conditions, you should use noisy and bigger lures and baits such that they cause enough distribution and attraction to pull the fish towards them. You should opt for dark colored baits and lures.

This will let the bass recognize the lateral lines. Muddy surrounding will also cause a lot of threat to your safety so you should be well equipped to keep yourself safe and secure.

Target the Water Drains To Fish for the Bass

During heavy downpours, the rain water tends to carry a whole lot of nutrients to the drains. The bass gets extremely attracted towards these drains in the search of the nutrients to feed on them. This increases the chances for you to get a large number of fishes gathered together near the drains. Hence, you should always target the drains first and foremost.


Fishing in the rains can maximize your results brilliantly but you should be cautious enough to not to hurt yourself or fall ill in the process. You shall buy yourself some comfortable rain protective accessories and clothes to ensure your safety while out in the rain.

It is not recommended to fish while you experience lightening as it can prove to be dangerous for you. Therefore as and when you notice lightening you should immediately seek shelter. Keep safe! Keep Fishing!


Fishing for the bass in the rain is surely not as easy as it seems. But once you learn the tips and tricks and apply them thoughtfully I bet you will start loving your rainy angling sessions to the core. Bass fishing in the rain will soon top the list of your favorites.

So the next time it starts to rain grab your tools and go out to catch some fish. 

It would be a pleasure to and all your queries and questions so feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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