Discover The Best Time To Fishing

Fishing is one of the best hobbies to some person but at times people get confused about the time that will be suitable for enjoying ultimate fishing experience. Now you may have the best fishing skills and the location may be suitable as well but still you may fail to take pleasure in fishing.

This is because you may not be aware of the factors that are considered for finding the best time to fishing. Let’s discuss those factors so that from next time onwards you can use your fishing skill to the fullest.

1. Time Factor

What Time Of The Day

Fish are active mostly during the warm temperature. The temperature of the water surrounding them is one of the most important factors as their activity depends on this. In cold water fish are inactive and when the water is extremely hot they go down deep in order to stay cool.

It is seen that when bugs are more active, the fish are also active as the little fish prefer to eat bugs. Hence warm temperature and water with more bugs and mosquitoes are factors suitable for fishing.


Just like the animals do, fish also are available in huge during some particular time of the year. It depends on what kind of fish you want for fishing purpose. But mostly there are some general guidelines that may help you a lot.

  • Spring – During this time of the year the fish feed on the bugs that come out during the dusk. During this time the winds blows the warmer, food-filled surface in the direction of the shore and hence you need to position yourself towards the downwind direction of the shore for better fishing.
  • Summer- You just need to avoid the scorching heat and the hottest part of the whole day. Otherwise the dawn and dusk are the best time to fishing. During the midday, fish go deep down the water for cooler temperature.
  • Fall – This time of the year is incompatible for fishing as you will not know the exact time for fishing. But some time of the day is really good for fishing and it is recommended to go during the early afternoons. Towards the end of the day the fish come at the surface to eat more than usual because of the winter that soon follows the fall.
  • Winter – Winter is not at all the season for fishing as the fish prefer living at the bottom of the water for some warm temperature.

Tidal effects

During the rising or falling of the tide you can go for fishing but high and low tide times can make the fishing harder than usual. You must check the high and low tide times over the internet and then can decide the appropriate place for fishing.

2. Weather Factor

Warm And Cold Temperatures

The temperature of the water has a deep impact on the behaviour of the fish. As they are cold blooded, they avoid cold fronts and can rise during the warm fronts.

Consider The Wind

During high wind blows, the surface water tends to rise towards the shore and hence they bring small prey fish that tempt the game fish towards them providing you an opportunity for better fishing.

Consider The Wind

During high wind blows, the surface water tends to rise towards the shore and hence they bring small prey fish that tempt the game fish towards them providing you an opportunity for better fishing.

Cloudy Weather

Cloudy weather can make fishing better as fish are inclined to swim towards the place off from the safe structures when there is a little light at the horizon.


Rainy weather can be either suitable or unsuitable depending on the force of the rain. Light rain provides excellent opportunity for fishing mostly in warm water. This is because it makes the water surface blur for the fish to view the shore and it also washes down lots of insects.

Heavy rain on the other hand will make it difficult for the fish to feed themselves and also it will make a condition that may not be safe for you.

3. Other Vital Factors

Check Out For Bugs

As the fish always feed more of the bugs and insects hence an environment full of insects and mosquitoes will attract more prey fish and this in turn will get the game fish near the surface of the water. You just need to wear a lot of insect repellents before fishing.


As the moon controls the tidal conditions hence it makes a suitable environment for fishing. Full moon days are best time to fishing. You can also get some idea about the lunar calendars available over the internet for fishing.

Type Of Fish

This is one of the important factors as different fish live on different foods and weather conditions. Hence for fishing particular species, it is better to accumulate some knowledge about the behaviour of the fish.

Last but not the least is the time factor in which it is always recommended that you must make full use of your time while fishing and that you must have a lot of free time just to concentrate on fishing. You must enjoy yourself without getting restless in chasing fish.

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Alan Smith