Best Way to Catch Catfish in Easy and Simple Steps

Are you a catfish lover? Facing problems catching one? Catfish are fishes dwelling in freshwaters like ponds, and rivers in the temperate regions. It is important to know about the fishes before you target them.

The places where they live, the food that they eat and the baits that they get most attracted to are the basic information that you must know if you intend to catch a certain species. Keep yourself glued to know the best way to catch catfish.

Essential Equipment Required To Catch Catfish

It requires the following gears to catch the catfish:

  • A baitcasting rod suiting your needs.
  • A net to ensure safe landing of the fish.
  • Lures, baits or live worms to attract the fishes.
  • A reel to suit your rod that would easily rest the line.
  • A rod holder to rest the rod.
  • A pair of pliers for easily removing the hooks.

Easy Steps To Catch Catfish

  • STEP 1: Know The Perfect Time To Target The Catfish

    Catfishes are the ones that prefer staying in high temperatures. Hence, summer, as well as spring seasons, is the best to catch catfishes. This would depend on the place that you live in.

    You can even have a word with the local people of the area to get a clear idea about the same. The best months to catch catfish would highly depend on the region and its temperature.

    Along with the temperature, it is also important to know the best time to fish during the day. If you plan to fish during the early morning times or late night hours then you are for sure to trap some of those large catfish out there.

    If you plan to go out fishing in the dark then you must specifically choose your fishing gears especially the bait and the line.

    During the rains, it is a bonus for all the catfish lovers as it is going to highly increase your chances to trap some.

    During the rains, the catfishes tend to stay agitated in the shallow waters hunting for food. This is the time when you can wisely use your baits to trap some catfish.

    Catfishes love dim lights so even if you go out fishing in the daytime then hunt and try the shady regions.

  • STEP 2: Find The Appropriate Place To Find Catfish

    As you are out to trap some catfish you must look for places with comparatively weak currents as these fishes are mostly found resting there.

    Shady places where the light is dim or low are always recommended if you are looking for some catfish. Places nearby rocks and logs and dams too are good places to find some enormous catfish.

    Areas which possess loads of hiding places are often full of catfish. Hence you can look for such places to attack. Although these are lazy in nature you must not take them for granted because when they offer a fight they might end up leaving you tired and unsuccessful.

  • STEP 3: Set Everything Up And Stay Alerted

    Catfish fishing requires a lot of patience. Once you fix your fishing area then you will have to patiently wait for the fish to take a bite. One can never catch a catfish instantly unless you are extremely blessed.

    They always take a lot of time to grab a bite. After waiting for some time it is advised to reel your hook up and check the status.

    If you do not find your bait then try to place bigger and much attractive bait this time as there are high chances that you might rope in a larger catfish.

    And in case you find the bait untouched then you must instantly start hunting for a different spot to fish. Again while choosing a different place to start fishing all over again try to choose a shady water spot.

  • STEP 4: How To Reel The Fish

    All the varying catfishes behave differently when exposed to the bait. Some of the kind instantly grab the bait and swim away while others try to play with it and then plan a bite.

    So you will have to be prepared for both the conditions. Some of the catfishes are so big that they might even let the rod rip out of your grip if you do not stay prepared.

    Once the fish starts to continuously pull the line then you must instantly start to reel it. Your technique will highly depend on the type and the size of the catfish that you trap. So carefully study and apply the techniques to ensure best results.

  • STEP 5: How To Land The Catfish

    Catfish have spiny fins which are widespread throughout the body of the fishes. These spines are dangerous and very sharp in the smaller fishes and even contain poison that causes irritation to the skin along with pain.

    Let Us Learn The Ways To Land The Fish:

    • For the small fishes, you will have to hold them at the top where the dorsal fins are present such that you do not end up harming yourself.You might even consider using gloves but then bare hands work perfectly.
    • For the medium fishes, you must use a lip grip and grab the catfish by its mouth to keep you safe.
    • For the larger fishes, you need not worry much as you would not get harmed by these fishes. You can although use a net or a lip grip to hold them in place.​


Catfish are no less than a treat and it's not very difficult to catch them if you follow the simple steps mentioned in the section above. With the best fishing gears and the correct technique, you can easily achieve your target without much hindrance.

The best way to catch catfish has been elaborately described but in case you have and queries or question then feel free to drop them in the section below. I would love to answer them.

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Hoang Bui