Breaking Misconceptions About Fishing Without A License

Fishing is one of the most incredible activities that you could ever take part in. You can simply relax and spend quality time sitting surrounded by the serene environment.

It is an inexpensive hobby that takes you to another level of satisfaction. Did you know that you cannot be fishing without a license? Let us find out more on this.


What Happens If Caught Fishing Without A License?

Don’t take it lightly, if you have planned to fish, get a license right away. There is no point in getting a brush with law for wrong reasons. In case, you don’t know, we must share this with you that even recreational fishers need to get a license.


Why Do You Need A Fishing License?

It is a permit that you need to control fishing by the fishery management. Yes, you need to conserve the species as well as the natural resources along with fishing.

It could be a sport for you, but the fisheries department has to take it seriously because it wants you to enjoy your game and protect wildlife at the same time.


How To Get A License?

You can apply for a fishing license online and it is not that difficult to get one these days. You may also call the authorities in your state to get a fair understanding of the requirements.

There are different types of license that start from days and some can continue for years. Then there are licenses for freshwater and salt fishing along with recreational fishing. Here are some tips for doing so:

  • If you are just a visitor, then opt for recreational fishing license for a few days (i.e. if you plan to stay in the region for a couple of days)
  • You can buy license online as mentioned
  • You can buy by making a call
  • You can purchase it from a retail agent (local)
  • Prices vary according to duration
  • You can check details from your tax collector’s office too
  • Long term licenses can help you save money
  • In case you want to opt for a lifetime fishing card, then you will be glad to know that there is no need to renew it ever

What Documents Are Required For Buying A Fishing License?

Most of these authorities will require you to submit your state identification number and driving license. They need some documents on file and these are the least that you can offer even if you apply as a recreational fisher.


What Is The Right Age For Getting A Fishing License?

Anyone within the age range of 16 to 64 years would need a fishing license.


Are There Any Exemptions?

Yes, there are exemptions from buying a fishing license and, no they will not be charged for fishing

without a license if:

  • You are under 16 years of age
  • A senior citizen, like someone over 65 years or above
  • For a veteran or any member of the armed forces
  • If you fish for non-commercial purpose in your home county, using natural baits and without reel
  • A permanently disabled person

 What About Fishing In Private Land?

Yes, you can fish in your own water source and as long as it is done for non-commercial purposes. Some owners even allow members from their homestead to fish in their property. This is a normal practice and the authorities do not intervene in such private matters.


 What About Fishing In Private Land?

For starters, you will not have to pay that hefty fine we already discussed. You know you are on the right side and not playing with the law. You can fish in the peace of your mind, but there is more to this like:

  • The money that you spend on these licenses are used to maintain the properties
  • As a result, you get neat and clean trails to follow
  • You can fish in a clean environment
  • Then the population of the species also is made sustainable by using resources like these
  • Imagine if you went fishing for bass, and there was no bass available, life needs to be preserved and your fees are just a way to help the authorities to do so
  • Things need to be taken care as nothing happens on its own and you are indirectly helping the authorities by paying for these licenses

Do Licenses Differ With States?

Yes, different states, different requirements. There is no need to explain this as it is self-explanatory. Nowadays, you have third party portals that assist with you all the details for acquiring fishing license. All you need is to follow the rules and regulations of your state.


We would suggest you to get your license as we do not want you to be caught fishing without a license. It is advisable that you read the details before you get a license and do as per your requirement.

There is no need to rush through it as we would request you to take your time and do it. Remember the Department of Natural Resources or DNR is very strict about these laws and they expect you to act like a responsible citizen to abide by it.

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Hoang Bui