What Are The Best 5 Tips For Fishing In The Rain?

Have you ever fished under heavy showers and non-stop pouring? Do you know the right tactics to fish when there is downpour? There might be circumstances when there is heavy rainfall for days but that should not stop you from pursuing the activity of angling. It is true that weather has a huge impact on fishing but with the right expertise, it is easy and can be done easily.

Have the heavy downpours kept you away for days from fishing? With right tactics, techniques, and experience, it is possible to keep your fishing game strong despite heavy rains. If you are done waiting for the rain to subside and cannot keep yourself off your passion, these tips for fishing in the rain are really effective and helpful.

Definitely, it is not okay to brave the storm and heavy rainfall to start fishing in the rain considering the safety aspects. But, that does not mean you cannot go fishing when it is raining. Bass fishing is absolutely possible when it is raining. Here are some of the tips and tricks that make the experience of fishing under rain a great one.

Fishing in the Rain

Tricks And Tips To Fish In The Rain

1. Top Water Baits Work Great

When the water body is subjected to rainfall, the surface is continuously broken by falling drops of rain. In such case, the best way to fish for maximum productivity is to use top water baits. Fishes are more likely to move freely and in most cases pursue the bait that is present on the top water surface.

During rain, floating of the bait on the top water tends to attract more fish and helps in catching fishes despite the continuous downpours. There have been instances when anglers noticed a school of fishes lurking around the top water bait on a rainy day.

The reason why the top water baits work great is because it tends to bring the fish on top of the water and make the fishing process less complex.

2. Nutrient Flow During Rains

During rainfall, there is constant movement of the water surface and this runoff brings new nutrients into the water. This tends to attract baitfish and bass due to more movement of the nutrients. Due to the high presence of nutrients in the runoff areas of pools or water body, it tends to hold more fishes near the runoff area.

During rainfall, a lot of new drainage and inlets are formed in the water body which tends to attract more fishes. Fishing on such focused area during rainfall can fetch a lot of fishes.

3. High-Speed Fishing

During a rainy day, usually, it is accompanied by the wind and more air that makes the bass move around more as compared to its movement during a sunny day. It is important to increase the speed while fishing on a rainy day. There are different baits that can be used but on increasing the speed of retrieve, it is possible to fish more.

In case you are using spinner bait, it is better to enhance or quicken the retrieve. The bass is more aggressive and fast in their movement on a rainy day which is why it is recommended to speed the process of fishing.

Basically, the idea is to fish faster and don’t wait too long in one area for catching the fish. If you are fishing in rain using a worm, it is recommended to not soak it too long in water and retrieve as quickly as possible.

4. Understanding Water Conditions

Unless you are an expert it is difficult to understand fish pattern and the fact that it changes with water conditions. The temperature and water current determines the direction and movement of the fishes. When the water temperature is on the higher side, the bass is mostly found in the shallow water beds.If the temperature is cooler, the bass is brought back off the beds.

When it rains, the overall temperature of the water falls down. The fishing areas which are warmer are better when it comes to fishing as compared to the area which is cold. During rainfall, it is better to seek for a warmer area for fishing to catch more and maximum fishes.

5. Safety And Proper Gears

Nevertheless, the tips and tricks, fishing under heavy rainfall require you to be prepared for tough conditions. There are tricks on finding more fishes on a rainy day but without proper gears, the fishing experience might be a complete failure.

When fishing under tough conditions, it is better to use search baits like crank baits, jerk baits, swim baits, spinner baits etc. The use of such baits helps in finding and locating the fish.

It is important to find the fishing pattern and area that are more centered with fishes before throwing the baits. Throw the baits at different position and try to find out the fish preference. It is important to find key areas for catching fishes while fishing in rain.

You need to be equipped with proper gears like helmets, raincoats, fishing rods etc. for fishing under the rainfall. If there is heavy rainfall, it is recommended to not go far and fish mostly from shores.


Rainfall definitely is an unfavorable condition but that does not mean it should stop you from fishing. It is important to identify areas and regions which are more likely to be concentrated with fishes during rainfall.

The areas which have more nutrient supply have school of fishes around and are best for fishing while it is raining. Did you enjoy the little and simple tricks on how to fish when it raining?

It is not simple but not impossible as well if you follow these tips for fishing in the rain. Do you have any questions regarding any of the suggested tricks and tips for fishing when it is raining?

If you do, do drop me a message and your queries on my e-mail and I will answer them as soon as possible. If you love angling and fishing, do not let rain stop you but make sure you have enough and right gears to support fishing.

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