Are Monsoons Causing Trouble While Fishing In The Rains?

Outdoor activities depend so much on the climatic conditions. It is, however, a difficult job to keep the passionate anglers away from the water bodies and fishes even during heavy downpours. It is an extreme challenge for the fishermen to sit in water dripping clothes beside the lakes or rivers and try fishing in the rain.

But for the passionate anglers, the difficult the situation, the more fun it is. Rain allows a wide range of fishing opportunities and even lessens the competition as most of the anglers prefer staying indoors leaving the fishes free and open to the opportunist anglers.

How Does Rain Affect Fishing?

Monsoons and rains affect the water bodies as well as the behavior of the fishes. Fishes seem more eager to take a bite during rains and an angler need not put in extra efforts to get the fish bite the bait. If you are fishing during light rains then you can have extra discreet casting lines

.It is much easier to catch fishes during rains as because rains brings out small flies and insects closer to water surfaces which in turn get the fishes closer to the water surfaces making it easier for the angler to fish.

Fishes are found to be closer to the top as rain water brings in a lot of nutrients with them which lure the fishes towards them to feed. Therefore, it is a good time during the rains to practice fishing.

Pros Of Fishing In The Rain

  • Negligible Sunlight

    During bright sunny days, fishes remain in shallow waters to avoid sun rays as they are unable to adjust their eyesight to different levels of sunlight. This is the reason fishes keep closer to the bottom covers during bright sunny days to stay protected from direct sun rays. Rainy days, in turn, are a treat for the fishes.

    They become free from the fear of sunlight and roam about actively. Their eyesight works well and they are out in the hunt of lures. And as we all know the more the movement of the fishes, the more is the possibility to trap them.

  • Less Competition

    Rains offer less number of anglers a competition as most of them prefer to stay indoors during such climatic conditions. With fewer anglers out to fish your chances to grab the bigger one's increases tremendously.

  • ​A More Productive Choice

    Rains offer less number of anglers a competition as most of them prefer to stay indoors during such climatic conditions. With fewer anglers out to fish your chances to grab the bigger one's increases tremendously.

    Fishing in the rains is clearly a better and a much more productive choice for the anglers. As the fishes remain in the top waters it becomes easier to catch a treat for yourself in the rains.

Tips To Fish While It Rains

  • Change Lure's Depth

    Monsoons and heavy rainfalls affect the water bodies the most. As it rains heavily the level of water changes to a significantly higher level which leads to relocate the fishes in the waters. The bottom vegetation that keeps the fishes around, rise to a considerable level depending on the amount of rainfall. Therefore, be cautious enough to change the lure's depth in order to trap a maximum number of fishes.

  • Fish With Rapidity

    When it rains the fishes tend to roam about more than often which makes them more widespread than any other time. To cover a maximum portion of the water body is most recommended during such times.

    If you fish faster with maximum accuracy then you may easily cover larger portions and catch more fishes. It isn't very difficult to let the fishes grab a bite either as they are extremely active and energetic during the rains.

  • Fish In The Drains

    To fish in the drains is one of the most important tips to pay heed to while fishing in the rains. Runoffs carry a lot of nutrients in them which attract the bait fishes towards them.

    Hence, when the rainwater starts pouring down it can be very effective to look for and fish in the drains to maximize your catch.

  • Use Topwater Baits

    During the rainy days, the fishes tend to actively stay in the top waters. During such days of downpours, fishes are highly aggressive and stay close to the top waters in the search of lures. Using topwater baits can enhance the chances of the anglers to trap the fishes.

  • Use Spinnerbaits

    Spinnerbaits are amazing lures to be used while fishing in the rains. They offer to cover a huge area of the water body and create a huge amount of turbulence and vibration in the water attracting the fishes.

    Another benefit while using spinnerbaits are that they can be efficiently used for the top as well as shallow waters.

How To Fish In Fresh As Well As Muddy Waters While Heavy Downpours?

While it rains the water tends to become muddy in some places and even stays clear in some, especially, when it comes to the smaller water bodies. The water bodies stay clear at their lower ends while the rest of it becomes muddy and dark. In muddy waters, you can switch to baits and keep the lures aside.

The baits cause turbulence and vibration and increase the chances to attract the fishes with ease. You can even add odor to the baits to further enhance its performance. Using baits and covering a larger area of the water body can work well to impart amazing results while fishing.

Let's Summarize

Fishing in the rains is no doubt a difficult task for any angler. But once you go for a rainy fishing session there's no coming back empty handed. Yes, it can be a tedious job if you know nothing about how to catch fishes while it downpours but if you know the tiny little details and follow the tips and tricks then you are to fall in love with the monsoons.

You can pay extra attention to your clothing while going out for fishing during heavy downpours. A good raincoat would be a perfect pick for such climatic conditions. 

In case you have any questions or queries, do feel free to drop them in the comment section below. We would love to answer you.

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Alan Smith