How To Catch Bass – Surprising Tips That Will Help You Catch More Bass

Catching bass has been a passion for many. Do you also have passion for this? If yes, then I will tell you how to catch bass. If you’re a beginner, then this post is for you.

A number of fishermen not just want to learn how to catch bass, and significantly the way to catch considerably more bass. Almost any person may head out angling and to catch bass or maybe more, however continuously catching bass is a different tale.

In this post, I will describe a couple of ideas for catching far more and larger bass. Whenever applied, these bass angling suggestions can help you be a much more constant and successful bass angler.

There exists something which an effective bass angler does to turn out to be "effective", and anybody can carry this out successfully. This very important factor is not set aside solely for the bass fishing, this pertains to almost all angling.

That one important thing is without any doubt, practice. On the other hand, there is basically no alternative for spending some time on the river exercising the craft. The more hours which you may invest in the river fishing, the more efficiently you will turn out to be as a fisher. Again, there is NO alternative for practice.

With that in mind, let’s start learning we can catch bass more effectively, shall we? Listed below are some most important tips that will assist you to catch bigger and more bass.

Clarity Of The Water

Clarity of water is extremely important whenever studying how to catch bass by having consistency. Allow me to share a few common guidelines in terms of the clarity of the water. In the clear water, bass depends greatly on the view to find out what things to consume.

In the clear water circumstances, you want to make use of line which is as light as it is possible. On the other hand, line in the 6-8 pounds range is a perfect concept. Bass are considerably more prone to see the line in the clear water circumstances.

In muddy or stained water, bass depends far more on the lateral lines to be able to “sense” their quarry. Because of this in muddy or stained water circumstances, lures which provide plenty of vibration or flash are a perfect idea.

Color Of The Lure

The color of the bass lure will come up with a huge difference in the rates of success. As soon as the water is quite clear, then you would like to make use of colors which mimic baitfish in the region as carefully as it is possible.

On the other hand, realism is the important thing to color in the clear water circumstances. If you find lots of cloud covering the sky, then the color of the lure ought to change too.

Chartreuse has been always identified as a great color on the cloudy days. Brown and black are additionally good color options if there is cloud covering the sky heavily.

Determining The Fishing Time

The time of the month and day which you are attempting to catch the bass is of the most benefits to catching bigger and more bass. You can understand the most favorable times for angling by simply focusing on the moon and weather.

Both of these forces of the Mother Nature produce an incredible influence on the feeding habits of the bass. In terms of the bass fishing ideas in this post, this might be the most effective.

Being on water when one or both of these aspects is on your side makes a big change in the size and number of the bass caught.

Here Are Step By Steps Guide On How To Catch Bass

There are numerous strategies for getting an effective bass angling getaway from the type of the terrain, time of the day, to the type of the bait. However, there are a few basic steps for catching the bass and seafood of all types which everyone ought to stick to.

Allow us to check out these most important and effortless tricks and find if you can follow all these on the fishing trips. 

  • Step #1: Make sure that your bass angling equipment is in good shape. Truth be told, lots of people just utilize their equipment once or twice annually and let it stay kept in a basement or garage for several months at a stretch. 

Thoroughly clean your equipment using clean water soon after every single angling getaway and oil moderately. Make certain and keep the oil away from the line as it may trigger harm. Additionally be sure and then change the line at least one time annually.

  • Step #2: You should not use perfumed detergent to clean the hands during and before bass angling. Whenever you handle the bait and tackle this aroma rubs off and also will frighten the fish away. 

Be sure and then have a simple, non-scented soap to apply for cleaning when angling. And you do not be worried about smelling fishy right after handling the bait and your fish you caught.

  • Step #3: Purchase fresh hooks or simply sharpen the old ones just before preparing for the bass angling journey. 

A damaged hook is ineffective, and even though we all think that they look sharpened, they easily dull on tough cartilage and snags while setting the particular hook. In case you do not wish to make use of tiresome sharpening then be sure and get lots of fresh hooks.

  • Step #4: Make sure and get a decent dip net to haul in all those bass that you are going to catch. 

There is nothing more annoying than having a fish on boat or shoreline just to lose this while attempting to get this out of water. Most of us have heard the tales of the one which got away and also this is exactly how they had done!

  • Step #5: If you are fishing from the boat, then slow down just before you reach the angling spot and then make use of a paddle or trolling motor to ease up on fish. 

No one is telling how often while angling I have noticed someone hurry to a good spot just to terrify every bass in that area away and in their rush to get there.


I hope you have learned the best ways to catch bass more and effectively. Please use the comment box below and share your thoughts. I will be happy to read them. Have a great time.


Hoang Bui