Top Ideas On How To Catch Pike Fish That Will Blow Your Mind

Do you want to know how to catch pike fish more effectively? If yes, then you’re on the right page. Keep reading this post and I will tell you how you can catch pike fish easily.

Pike is an awesome looking fish which look like a freshwater edition of Great Barracuda. I had been introduced to them while I resided in Midwest a couple of years back, and also I am unfortunate that we do not have them right here in the Southern California. No to mention, Pike is ferocious toothy predators which regularly attempt to eat prey ½ of their dimension and bigger.

I've viewed photos of a 3-inch infant pike consuming a 2.5-inch infant pike. Obviously, they are challenging to increase commercially simply because in case you fill up a pool complete of the pike fry you usually end up with a single huge pike only.

Pike are significantly simpler to catch compared to their incredibly elusive relative, the Muskie, to be truthful; I never realized the reason why individuals love to cast for days at the end to attempt to catch 1 or 2 Muskie while they might be loading their boat with the Pike. Both fish appear much the same, and even though the typical Muskie is larger, there is not that big of a size variation.

Pike are referred to usually concerning inches, with anything more than 35-inch being a big fish. Pike below 30” are skinny and also type of an annoyance to get, however about 30” they begin to wear a few girths and also turn out to be a much more substantial fish. The 32” fish will certainly consider a lot more compared to a 27” fish.

If you discover yourself angling in northern part of United States or even southern areas of Canada, then one of much well-known fish you might be running right after is the northern pike.

The perfect time of year to look right after these fish is usually in May in these areas because they have retrieved from spawning and also are usually discovered in large quantity in shallower windows.

These possibly hostile fish could be a challenging task to deal with therefore this is better to come completely ready with almost all proper gear and also to understand what to anticipate. Here’s a short video for you.

What Gears Do You Need To Bring?

Regardless of what type of game fish you are running after, utilizing right gear is crucial to reeling in as much as you can possibly.

Whenever running after northern pike, initial thing to contemplate is the kind of rods you are going to be utilizing. These fish are powerful and also can definitely have an attack; therefore investment in a lengthier rod with moderate to heavy activity is perfect for handling the speed and strength of Pike, however, could give you feel and also handle which you require.

As much as the line you ought to be utilizing, a braided or monofilament fishing line which may handle everywhere from 20 – 50-pound is going to be perfect investment for this kind of angling.


 Pike Tackle

Pike do not usually put up that superb of the fight, and with little ability, I am certain you might land nearly any size of Pike on 6-lbs line. I often utilize 10 to 12-lbs line with a slim wire leader for teeth.

For bait casting, Daiwa Steez is a perfect fishing reel, while in case you want to make use of spinning gear, Daiwa Certate is greatest of its type.


Techniques for Pike

Pike is captured on dead bait, live bait, and lures. They are the ambush predators which often simply hang out till some prey swims by. The majority of bigger Pike are trapped on bait.


Lures for Pike

Plenty of lures is effective for catching Pike. Numerous of my lure-trapped Pike happen to be trapped on 6-inch Storm swim baits which seem like infant pike. Big Mepps spinners, Mepps Cyclops spoons, and Daredevil are the most popular nowadays.

Whenever you can easily see Pike in shallows, Gulp plastic-type Jerkshad fished weightless can be a wise decision. Additionally, they work nicely on the lead jig head whenever the fishes are deeper.


Baits for Pike

Fish, for example, live suckers are great bait for the Pike. You may use fairly big baits since Pike is not shy regarding engulfing things more than half of their own size. It is a great plan to make use of a stinger treble in rear of large bait because Pike usually gets fish in center.

In case you utilize a stinger hook you must set the hook immediately; in case utilizing a single hook then allow fish consume the bait lengthier.

Various types of fishing bait you may use to catch pike contain, however, are not restricted to:

  • In-Line Spinner: These lighter fishing lures may be easily cast out a long way; therefore, you may hit the spots which are more out of the reach wherever pike may be lurking. This particular tool additionally consists of much more blades on this which can definitely reflect from the sunlight and water, making them a beautiful item for game fish to focus on.
  • Spinner bait: This particular and traditional lure is ideal in white form which includes a twisted trail because this has a great deal of action which Pike is very easily interested in.
  • Surface Plug: In case you are using top water fishing lures, you cannot fail with surface plug. Using styles which look like little minnows, all these fishing lures are an excellent appeal for pike to chase after.

Stick to this particular and easy suggestion, and you need to be reeling in northern pike very quickly


Finally, in this post, I have mentioned all the required information that will help you catch pike more effectively. I suggest you stick to the tips.

Before you go to catch pike, make sure that you have collected all the required gears so that you do not face any problem during your fishing session.

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