Learn How To Catch Walleye – Top Proven Tips To Make You The Best Angler

Walleye can be impressive to you, but you don’t have sufficient information on how to catch walleye. If this is the matter, then I’m here to help you. Keep reading this post to learn more.

The walleye can be described as a freshwater fish found in North America which is commonly present in reasonably well-circulated and deep lakes with sandy or rocky bottoms; however they as well are not uncommon in any way in the rivers all over the North America.

Frequently they swim in groups and have incredibly good vision. They are one of my most desired fish to focus on because you can get them easily and pretty much everywhere in the United States. In this post, I will tell you how to catch walleye more effectively.

Why To Catch Walleye?

Walleye are an extremely desired game fish. On the other hand, they can easily be trapped more or less at any time throughout the year, by using the inexpensive and uncomplicated equipment. They do not put up a great deal of fight while on the line, and even if trapped, they are simple to clean and even yummy to eat.

Level Of Experience

Walleye are an outstanding fish especially for both experienced and beginning anglers to go after. Truth to be told, I begun angling for the walleye fish when I was quite young, and even they continue to be one of my preferred fish to catch for.

They are a good basic level fish to assist decide if fishing is the appropriate past time for you just before investing continuously on expensive rigging and poles.

Where Can You Go For Fishing?

Walleye are a quite populous fish all over the North America. You may make use of a boat to catch them and/or cast from a riverbank or dock.

I opt for a boat since it has the additional advantages of quick entry to the deep areas of the lakes exactly where the walleye most often are, however, based on whenever you fish you will discover them frequently in shallows at the same time.

When Is The Best Time To Fish?

Walleye always takes benefit of its outstanding lowlight vision and looks for food primarily throughout darker hrs.

Additionally they have a tendency to prey in the choppy water to help make use of their visual foresightedness as a benefit over their food; therefore make sure that you cast off early in the morning, and around dusk, on a gloomy day, and even during the night to get the most effective shot which catching this tasty fish.

Which Season Is Best To Catch Walleye?

Walleye breed in the fall and spring; therefore throughout these few months, you are much more prone to discover them in shallower places. Take a look at the much deeper areas of the lake throughout the summer and winter.

Walleye remain quite active in winter and also are frequently found by the ice anglers. Throughout their spawning stage walleye actually get a bit more cautious to bite, however, with a couple of tweaks, this should not be a great deal of problem.

What Is The Spawning Season Of The Walleye?

I have identified that the walleye will probably bite in the course of their spawn; however, you will catch mostly the small males in case you do not adapt to their fall and spring behavior.

An increasing temperature changing even of a degree or more can lead to feeding in the walleyes; therefore throughout these periods hang on until it begins to warm up early in the afternoon just before you start casting out. In the same way, in case it begins to cool down then the walleye will end up less active.

Type Of The Bait

Walleyes are not quite picky seafood most of the season; however you will find some specific bait which they appear to opt for. As much as the live bait goes, night crawlers, leeches, and minnows are the best bet.

Throw a weight on the spinner rig, therefore, it can sink to the bottom exactly where the walleye are swimming can also be a very effective and good option and also has done great for me up to now.

  • Jig Fishing: Efficiency of the jig will truly take the walleye angling to another level. The walleye stay at the bottom of the lakes most of the hours during the day, so having the ability to use a jig appropriately is a priceless technique.

I always try and even keep mine sailing simply above the bottom of lake by having little extra jerk into the pull to draw in the walleye.

  • Crank Baits: If night crawlers, leeches, and minnows are not doing the job, I have got good results in past times using the crank baits. Just like with jigs, you can run them just as near to bottom as it is possible to have the desired results. 

All sorts of things moving close to the bottom are likely to attract the attention of the walleye. It is simply a matter of persuading them to commit a bite.

Here Are Some Steps To Keep In Mind On How To Catch Walleye Effectively

  • 1. On Hook: Walleye could get to be quite large, and also while they are not considered to be especially brutal fighters I have hooked some which truly put up a battle on line. As always, patience is the important thing here. This fish is not utilized to struggling and can tire quite rapidly in comparison to some other game fish therefore simply don't hurry.
  • 2. Keep Your Line Lightweight: You should pick as light of the line as it is possible while chasing after the walleye. They may be quite unwilling to completely agree to a bite, and thus a lighter in weight line will assist them to slurp the bait up without difficulty, and thus you can set a deeper hook.
  • 3. Pay Attention To The Stealth: If you are angling from a boat, then make sure to cut the engine ahead of time and then coast into the place from a good range out. The walleye are quite perceptive and even will probably scatter at any disruption due to a noisy engine.
  • 4. Be Careful About Your Smell: Not to mention, walleye are quite delicate to foreign smells, therefore make sure that you do not contaminate the bait having an abnormal odor before getting this in the water.

Never Give Up - Keep Trying!

Walleye tend to occasionally release the bait once they feel this pulling forcedly against them. Though this is often annoying, you should keep these trying. In case they are biting, it means that you are carrying it out perfectly and ultimately you will hook one.


I hope this post will help you to a great extent while catching walleye. If you stick to the steps mentioned above, you will get your desired results. Please use the comment box below and let me know what you are thinking about this post.




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