Reviews Of The Best Fish Finder 2017 – Buy The Best One

Getting the best fish finder is not a simple task. Particularly, whenever the marketplace is overloaded with a number of fish finders offering an enormous and restricted variety of features.

Additionally, you do not want to commit expensive cost in a gadget providing you with much more features which you need.

And you do not want to find yourself investing highly in 2 different gadgets executing various features whenever you could get all those features in just one finder, in relatively much less cost than the multiple fish finders.

Therefore to reduce misunderstandings and extreme investigation time, I am going to tell you about the best fish finders out there in the marketplace with its features, pros, cons, limitation, users' view and everything! Get the best according to your requirements.

Are You A Newbie To Fish Finder?

Hey Man, Don’t stress! This comprehensive guide is for the beginners' help. The subsequent suggestions include almost all the fundamental idea that will assist you to find the best finder according to your requirements/needs.

Why Should You Get A Fish Finder While Fishing?

  • For empowering and enhancing the angling experience
  • For assisting you to make precise decisions
  • For keeping an excellent report of the successful angling spot and vice versa
  • For monitoring the movements using the GPS
  • For getting a good image of underwater without having to get into the water

Most Important Features To Look While Buying The Best Fish Finder

I must say, do not simply buy a gadget blindly for just any kind sports activity. Do not be confused by the item simply because this is attractive to your eye and offers elegant features. Spend some time to comprehend exactly what it includes and whether or not it will help you hook considerably more fish.

Listed below are some most important things to consider before you make a purchase. Keep reading. Here’s a short video for you.

  • Type Of Unit: Precisely what I have previously mentioned: you can pick to purchase a fully networked, combination or standalone system. I also suggest you to learn everything about all the types of units available to you. 

You should learn how they work, how they will benefit you, how long will they last and so on. The standalone is considered the most valued unit. The cost goes up while you move from the GPS combination to completely networked systems.

Aspects, for example, the dimension of the water body you might be angling in, your spending budget, the dimension of your kayak and etc., can help you choose the best unit.

  • Display Clarity (Screen Resolution): You do not wish to pop your eye from their sockets attempting to notice the details being shown on the display of the unit. No one does possibly. 

This can be prevented only by making an investment in a gadget which arrives with a state-of-the-art, high resolution screen. The clarity of the screen is calculated concerning pixels.

On the other hand, the more pixels PSI it includes, the higher the resolution is. This isn't that challenging to comprehend; even a kid can realize this.

  • Power: One more important element to keep in mind while searching for an excellent fish finder is the power. Not to mention, the power of the fish finders is indicated in W (Wattages). 

The greater the Wattage, the quicker the device will be in showing the readings and much deeper this should go to give you this information. The precise opposite is quite true for example; lower wattage indicates a slower effectiveness of the gadget.

This means that your gadget will permeate to a minimal depth. Typically, the depth of the water you are planning to catch fish in is going to figure out the quantity of power you will need. If the body is very shallow, then you require a less powerful device only.

It is particularly for the inland lake anglers to whom 200-Watt is sufficient to view the bottom of the lake. Coastal angling demands approximately 500-Watt devices.

  • Operation Frequency: Frequency performs a main part in identifying exactly how your gadget works. And as you want a device which works much better, you have to choose the appropriate frequency… 

Most of the fish finders typically run at the broadband, multiple, dual, and single CHIRP systems. So how will you go for the frequencies? This is quite simple. You simply need to know that the greater the frequency, the substantial the quality will be and considerably decreased background sound on your device screen.

You will take pleasure in Ultra-Clean view from the fast-moving fishing boat. The only drawback of higher frequency is the fact that they do not permeate as deep as the low frequencies.

  • Check The Details Of The Transducer: To begin with, learn what is the transducer? This is just the device used by fish finders to receive and emit sonar signals. This allows the fish finders to obtain a view of fish below you or even some other structure to bottom. 

These days, most of the fish finders you will find on the marketplace arrive with the transom attached transducers, the simplest to attach with minor or even no transducer knowledge.

If you (and your boat) need to get considerably more superior, you may want to consider considerably more superior transducers for example, Thru-hull and In-hull. Nevertheless, on the transducers, this is vital that you look closely at the cone angle.

This decides exactly how broad the signal beam delivered from bottom of the boat into the water will be. The broader the cone angle of the transducer, the larger the area this covers. However getting a lot of wide may deteriorate the awareness of the sensitivity of the signal in the deep waters.

  • Determine The Display Color: White/Black Or Color Screen? Let me decide on a very important factor - the color screen can be described as cutting edge standard in all of the electronic devices these days, such as fish finders. 

Remarkably, white and black fish finding devices are nevertheless out there in the marketplace. Except if your spending budget bounds you to the Black and White devices, after that it is usually recommended to look for the color screens, taking into account the advantages they have over the previous.

They have large numbers of colors which recommend for much better picture detail. Also, they make this simpler for you to view everything that is happening, in bright or dark screens. They continue to keep their clarity regardless of whether the weather becomes dark or cloudy.

  • The Size Of The Screen Is Too Important: Typically, larger screens happen to be much better. They are simpler on the eyes and also provide you considerably more in depth details, obviously. 

Considering the fact that some devices permit you to separate the display into GPS and radar screen, accomplishing this on a smaller-sized screen are going to be a complete catastrophe. You will barely view the information of both the screens and in case you undertake, you will have to face difficulties.

  • You Will Get For What You Paid: This rule of thumb is applicable to all the fish finders as well. The fancier this gets, the greater you have to invest. 

As we will see afterward, the majority of these devices arrive with numerous extravagant features: many are required while some are simply fine to have.

Limiting you on the tight a budget is the easiest method to obtain your appropriate fish finder. Keep in mind to have a device which fulfills your requirements and also can help you put considerably more fish in your bag.

Reviews Of The Best Fish Finder

Humminbird 410300 Fish Finder

In contrast to HELIX 7 DI of the last year, this HELIX 7 CHIRP GPS G2, as the title indicates, is the best fish finder that has CHIRP technology. This particular device actually has 2 sorts of sonar, Down Imaging, and DualBeam Plus 2D, both sonars are upgraded by the CHIRP technology. The CHIRP provides exceptional image resolution with reduced clutter and also an improved separation between the targets.

This device includes the temperature competent, XNT 9 DI transducer that works with both sorts of sonar, Dual Beam Plus, and DI. It is additionally a CHIRP competent transducer. By using it, the device can easily scan at approximately 455/800 kHz in the Down Imaging and at approximately 200-455 kHz in the 2D.

Furthermore, because the device can make use of CHIRP, this sonar pulse can be moderated on these ranges of frequency: 790 to 850 kHz, 420 to 520 kHz, and 175 to 225 kHz.

Using the provided transducer, typically the depth abilities of this particular fish finder from Humminbird reach approximately (350 feet) 106-m for the Down Imaging and (600 feet) 183-m for the Dual Beam Plus.

One final factor to point out here concerning the sonar of the unit is that it provides a number of other useful features. And this includes, we can easily count the Sonar Recording, Fish Alarms, Ice Angling Flasher Sonar View, Bottom Lock, Selective Fish ID, and so on.


  • It has CHIRP sonar system
  • It comes with highly effective XNT9 DI T transducer
  • It is temperature capable and CHIRP capable with the transom mount
  • It comes with Screen Snapshot and Sonar Recording function
  • It has accurate GPS with WAAS, ENGONS and MSAS enhancing
  • It comes with UniMap charts
  • It comes with waypoints, routes and track plotting functions
  • It is IPX7 water resistant
  • It has NMEA 0183 port
  • It comes with MicroSD card reader
  • It has internal software which is upgradable
  • The gimbal mount is included
  • It is fairly simple to setup
  • It has AutoChart Live function which provides you the chance to re-map or map anybody in the water
  • Its depth capability is approximately 600 feet with the provided transducer. It is perfect for the in-land angling, and also for the shallow off-shore angling


  • It does not come with unit cover
  • It does not allow 360 imaging

Highlighted Features

  • It has unique Multi-Range Chirp - See high, mid and low Chirp ranges, all at the same time or both individually.
  • Down Imaging Sonar - It can obtain the fish-eye's view of exactly what is going on under the boat
  • Amazing images are produced with the Higher frequency sound wave
  • SwitchFire Sonar - It can take control of how the sonar returns look with the Clear and Max settings
  • It has two beams combined for a wide and great detail coverage area. You can make use of the narrow beam intended for high accuracy bottom and returns. You can make use of the wide beam if you need a large search area
  • It comes with GPS antenna which constructed into the head device
  • You can use this for superior cartography or even to save the waypoints, sonar recordings and screenshots or also to update the software of your units
  • It offers crystal-clear, bright images for simple viewing even in severe sunlight

Garmin Echomap Chirp 74sv Fish Finder

This Garmin 74SV Echo Map is the best fish finder which is designed for power users and even those who are aiming to be power users. In case you have a good sized kayak, you can perform considerably with this particular fish finder, perhaps open your own angling charter business!

However, in case you are a significant fisher or even someone seeking to get reasonably competitive, then this unique fish finder is an excellent method to improve the game.

Having an enormous 7" diagonal display (just a little bit smaller compared to a mini iPad), this particular fish finder provides three different types of the SONAR and Garmin’s internationally known chartplotting abilities.

This SONAR is run by 500-Watts that can enable you to get lots of depth. On the other hand, the 2 frequencies for typical SONAR are approximately 77 kHz for broader range and higher depth, and also SONAR 200 kHz is for narrow scanning having higher clarity.

Another two SONARs are SideVu and DownVu which are higher resolution pictures of what is directly under your boat and what is to the side of the boat. It is truly nice because you are receiving almost all the 3 technologies in just 1 clean package.

This Lowrance HDS series offers this particular as well; however, you would need to obtain the screen and a unique device for side and down imaging which might cost you another 500 bucks. This Garmin, in such instance, is of great value for the cash.

The side scanning of SONAR displays you a sharp view of exactly what is beneath your kayak approximately 750 feet on both sides which are unbelievably amazing. As the GPS is integrated, you can definitely record the readings of SONAR synchronized with the readings of GPS and play it back all on the 3 HomePort planning applications.

It is an outstanding method to scope out great angling places before a competition or even to keep excellent areas in your mind in case you are running the charter.

It has built-in BlueChart maps which are probably the greatest in the marketplace, and also they can cover the whole US coastline and also the United State sides of Great Lakes. It makes 74SV a great option for deep sea fishers.

This BlueChart G2 offers everything which is accessible on the NOAA charts, fishing charts, IALA symbols, depth contours, currents, and tidal stations. You can easily zoom out and in without difficulty, and also may even determine exactly what is a secure depth to match your requirements and have it display on graph in another color.


  • It has double frequency sonar
  • It comes with Transducer GT51 MTM 12-pin
  • This device is appropriate for the revolutionary and new Panoptix sonar
  • It has data charts and some other sonar features
  • It has sonar rewind and recording
  • It has accurate and fast internal GPS
  • It is pre installed with the Blue Chart charts g2
  • This unit is improved Auto Guidance competent
  • It offers tide tables details
  • It supports DSC and AIS competent VHF radio
  • It has flush mount, and fast disconnection tilt-swivel included
  • It comes with the unit cover
  • It is simple to install
  • It provides comprehensive and straightforward operation
  • It has several Depth Range Shading which is suitable for many other types of chart, for example, LakeVü High Definition Ultra or BlueChart G2


  • The manual of this unit covers all of the echoMAP series, but some of the details in this may not be applied

Highlighted Features

  • It is pre installed Quickdraw Contours map development software
  • It has Garmin Auto Assistant for virtual path creation
  • It has GPX way points transfer
  • It has several depth range shading
  • It can record approximately 50 tracks, 100 routes, and 5000 waypoints
  • It has 800 x 480 WVGA display
  • It has microSDT card port for the expandable memory
  • It has 1 year warranty

Humminbird 710198 Fish Finder

In case you purchase a fish finder, then this is obligatory to buy a depth transducer to get the most precise worth. If this includes a multi-purpose alternative, after that it is completely worth to purchase.

This Humminbird xnt 9 20 t Transducer is included with the most recent generation technology. The multi-use alternative significantly appeals to the user to buy this device.

In case you desire to purchase the depth transducer, after that the Humminbird unit is of excellent interest to consider since it guarantees high quality and balance. The cool design and style enable the person to calculate the ideal depth of the substances beneath the water.

Apart from its depth calculating capacity, this features an integrated sensor for temperature. This shows the correct temperatures of the particular region wherever the gadget is placed.

Along with the well-designed program and excellent, dependable support warranty of the humminbird xnt9 20 t, this is the highly demandable unit in the recent years.

  •  Fish seller and dealer who needs to sell fish for their commercial intensions
  •  Individuals who desire to catch fish at a massive depth of the water


  • It is pleasant to use and simple to handle
  • It offers you the best output most possibly
  • It has cable, and it is an incredibly safe device
  • It has active frequency transmission
  • It has temperature measuring capability with an integrated sensor
  • It is capable of developing a wide range of angle
  • Its plug pin includes 7 ports
  • Featherlight weight assists you to bring it everywhere
  • The hardware is provided the unit to install wherever you desire
  • It includes a plug on top hole for mounting which is manufactured from rubber
  • It has several Depth Range Shading which is suitable for many other types of chart, for example, LakeVü High Definition Ultra or BlueChart G2


  • Once this Humminbird Depth Transducer is linked to the sonar system, this may lead to GPS locating issues. It does not happen constantly
  • Its temperature sensor may not provide the best accuracy all the times. It may have a little bit of difference
  • Also, the majority of the sonar programs are appropriate, but the old versions simply are not perfect for this

Highlighted Features

  • This newly developed Humminbird Depth Transducer includes the forgoing and advanced technology. This is why it features a higher speed transducer capability
  • You can easily mount this unit on the outside of water; however, you should just keep in touch not inside the water or even at the rear of boat you are riding
  • It has highly effective temperature sensor which is with the unit assists you to figure out the temperature of the atmosphere
  • It has broad angular cone which assists you to learn about the details at the same time. In case the frequency goes through a wide range of place, depth of the rivers, lakes or ponds can be calculated so quickly and easily
  • The Humminbird Depth Transducer can be highly secured unit. The overflowing pressure of wave is unable to affect this

Garmin Echomap Chirp 94sv Fish Finder

It is the best time you start angling with the ability of the CHIRP sonar. The simple to use and simple to install 9" echo MAP 94sv CHIRP chartplotter consists of transducer for higher Garmin CHIRP ClearVü and Garmin CHIRP SideVü and wide CHIRP sonar for sharp scanning sonar pictures.

It works with Panoptix sonar and also consists of pre installed Quickdraw Contours application to immediately produce your own HIGH DEFINITION maps with one-foot contours while you fish. It has internal five Hz GPS updates placement and also heading five times for per second.

It offers NMEA support 2000 for autopilots, FUSION-LINK sound system, sensors, engine data and much more. Cords connect straight into the mount, permitting you to swiftly set up and eliminate your from mount and power. Trolling and transom motor mounts integrated.

The integrated sonar abilities of 94sv echoMAP consist of CHIRP sonar, this most of advanced sonar system designed for the boating and fishing fish. CHIRP sonar offers incredibly clear target definition and separation since it places much more power on to the goal compared to the conventional sonar.

Additionally, it consists of sonar-recording capacity which harmonizes the time of the sonar return together with your position of your boat and also saves the digital details for the playback on the computer making use of HomePort planning application. Make use of the user information sharing wire to share the routes and waypoints between multiple units.

The CHIRP Side Vu and Garmin CHIRP Clear Vu scanning sonars give you almost photographic, broad pictures of what is beneath and also the side of the boat. You obviously notice the fish, submerged objects, and structure. Also, works with MotorGuide and Minn Kota trolling motors with the built-in transducers.

Immediately produce customized HIGH DEFINITION angling maps on the screen with one-foot contours. Customize them to suit your requirements. These are the maps - you can have them. Maintain the information to yourself, or even share this with Quickdraw Community on the Garmin Connect.

Whenever you are off of the water, it is simple to maintain your CHIRP echoMAP secure and safe. You do not have to clutter with unplugging and plugging cables from the device simply because the cables connect straight into the mount. It enables you to rapidly set up and detach your CHIRP echoMAP from the mount and power.

In case you have regularly used routes, tracks or waypoints saved on some other manufacturer’s GPS unit - or even on the Garmin handheld unit - it is simple to transfer all those things to a newly purchased Garmin chartplotter, through industry-level GPX application format.


  • It is boosted Auto Guidance competent
  • It provides tide tables data
  • It has SailAssist capabilities
  • It supports DSC and AIS competent VHF radio
  • It has tilt-swivel (quick disconnection) and also flush mount is included
  • It comes with the unit cover
  • It is simple to install;
  • It offers comprehensive and straightforward operation


  • It has only 1 microSD card reader. Some other 9-inch units have two

Highlighted Features

  • It is double frequency (50 - 200 kHz) sonar competent
  • It has CHIRP sonar system
  • It provides water temperature graph and log
  • It supports the displays position information from the DSC competent VHF radio 
  • It is capable of sonar recording
  • It has sonar history rewind technology
  • It supports the AIS (It can track the position of the target ships)
  • It has bottom lock (it can show return from bottom up)
  • It has tide tables

Lowrance Hook-4 Fish Finder

This Lowrance Hook 4 is undoubtedly a simple to set up and simple to run the device having a number of the best fish locating technology on the market today.

Providing a HDI (Hybrid Dual Imaging) transom install transducer that has CHIRP functionality to offer a pulse rather than a ping providing much better target separation and water penetration. This particular pulse is a Mid frequency from 83 kHz and Higher frequency from the 200 kHz.

In combination with the CHIRP, this Hook 4 along with the HDI transom install transducer additionally provides DownScan imaging via the 455-800 kHz portion of transducer, whenever these 2 sonar features are merged in the DownScan Overlay to give you an almost image like display of exactly what is below the boat.

Select from Coastal Insight or Lake Insight for comprehensive charting for the application. The Lowrance Lake Pro v16 offers comprehensive charting for more than 100k total called bodies of the water with the shoreline details.

This Lowrance Insight Pro offers detailed seaside coverage of lower 47 states, Hawaii, Alaska, and Caribbean on just one card. A comprehensive bathymetric contour is going to assist you to sail safely or locate the fish quicker.

Lowrance has included ASP to their particular HOOK series of Fish finder or GPS devices. ASP (Advanced Signal Processing) which offers made easier exactly what must be carried out and decreased the requirement to modify the sounder manually.

As much as the installation will go, just attach the 4-inch high resolution display on the integrated fast-release bracket, attach power and the ground and finally you are all set to go - absolutely no outer antenna is required because the Hook 4 includes a GPS receiver constructed straight into the device.


  • It is easy to use - It can be easily run with only one finger
  • It is portable and light - It does not take a lot of space on the smaller boats
  • It has optional upgrades - If you want you can purchase more maps
  • It is quite accurate - It has integrated GPS for the pinpoint precision
  • It has user-friendly style and design - It provides clear layout along with simple to follow guidelines


  • It has small screen - It can be quite small for old or creatively impaired fishers
  • The extras may need extra purchases which can put many people off

Highlighted Features

  • Lowrance has high-resolution, brilliant and exclusive 4.3-inch color display
  • It has Sonar CHIRP plus DownScan Imaging - This is the power of modern day leading fish finder systems combined to offer the most possible view under the boat
  • It has built-in and highly accurate GPS antenna and a comprehensive US map offering more than 3k rivers and lakes and also coastal contours up to 1,000 feet
  • You can make use of your Insight Genesis customized maps generated from your personal sonar logs
  • It has ASP (Advanced Signal Processing) which reduces the requirement to adjust the settings manually to see the bottom, structure and fish information more clearly
  • It has TrackBack technology to review the sonar recorded history such as transitions, structure or even the fish targets, after that the pinpoint areas with the waypoint
  • It comes with a handy Page selector menu along with fast access to all the features making use of the one-thumb simple operation
  • It consists of Multi-Window Screen which lets you choose from the pre-set page layouts quickly - such as a 3-panel view


Last but not the least; I hope this guide will help you choose the best fish finder out there in the marketplace. To me, the winning fish finder is the Humminbird 410300-1 HELIX 7. It has all the amazing features that will help you locate fish under your boat. This fish finder is undoubtedly the best one to me.

Please use the comment box below and share your opinion regarding this post and the products mentioned in this post. I will be happy to start a discussion.


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