Spring Bass Fishing Tips

Bass fishing in the spring can be tricking. Well, that’s a broad statement considering that catching bass can be difficult anytime of year. Every season is different.

I have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you catch that big spring bass. Just look at our Spring bass fishing tips and see what you can do to improve your chances!

Bass Life During The Spring

A community of fish swimming under the surface of the water.

Spawning Begins

​During winter, fish have limited activity. There isn’t much going on for them during those cold chilly months. Now, with the water warming up, nesting can begin. They get ready to start spawning some offspring.

​Feeding Starts

​Bass are coming out of the depths and into the shallows to find better food during the spring. They start to set up their area that they will use all season long for feeding.

​Activity Changes

​Bass are doing things differently from day to day. Some are mating. Some are focused on nesting. They are all over the place in the spring. That is why these spring bass fishing tips will help you out!

Easy Tips To Go By

Now that you have a good feel in what the bass are doing during this season, you will better know where to find them. Bass feed and nest in shallow water. If that is their main activities during spring then, you guessed it, that’s where they will be.

Fish Shallow Waters

A great place to note is, the areas right before the shallow turns deep. Since the fish are transitioning from the deep to the shallow, this will probably be a great crossing point. They switch from shallow (to mate) then to deeper water (for more food chances).

Cover Lots Of Water

This tip should be top of the list of spring bass fishing tips! Covering a lot of water improves your chance greatly! This is true in other seasons but most importantly, in the Spring time. This is because of all the movement going on with Bass during the season.

Slow Your Retrieve

Have you ever been resting a while and it takes you a minute to get up and get going? Well, this is bass in the spring. All winter long they have been laying around. When they see bait they will go after it but not as fast as they would in warmer months. They are kind of slow in the spring so give them time to catch the bait.

Use the Right Lures

Soft bodied tube lures do the trick in the spring. You want them 3-4 inches made for bass. They are great for thicker brush and such that get in the way and get you tangled up. Also, this helps catch any size bass that may be biting

Come Prepared

This step is often overlooked. You are going to be outside a while when fishing for bass. These spring bass fishing tips are to help you be the best you can be during the spring. With that, make sure you have the best apparel you can have for the season. The weather fluctuates during this time, so layers are always good.

Know Your Resources

The best thing you can do is what you are doing right now! Educate yourself before you start fishing. Also, I want to give you some additional resources to check out if you are interested.

  • Gameandfishmag.com has an informational website to further your knowledge
  • Another is, hukgear.com.
  • This YouTube video is quite informational too

Top Items To Have For Spring Bass Fishing

Steel Shad Fishing Lures

A fishermen selects the lure from his tackle box that he is going to go fishing with.

Fishing with Steel Shad Fish lures is great for new bass fisher or even experienced.

Some Pro’s:

  • Attracts Fish Effectively
  • Great for Any Water Flow
  • Does Not Easily Get Tangled

Some Con’s:

  • Hook Tends to Bend Overtime
  • Only Comes in a Set of 5

Lot Fancy

A fisherman selects the right lure from his tackle box that he is going to fish with.

Lot Fancy made the list of spring bass fishing tips due to their unique design. They are great for spring bass fishing and seem to be very durable. They are the perfect size of 3.6 inches which is what you would be looking to use for spring bass fishing.

Some Pro’s:

  • Perfect Size
  • 3D Eyes
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Dive and Swims Great.

Some Con’s:

  • Don’t Seem to Last Long
  • It could use a little more action
  • Hooks Dull Quickly

Jig Head Fishing Hooks

A fishermen selects the lure from his tackle box that he is going to go fishing with.

These are a must to spring bass fishing. They are great to use no matter the flow of water and tend to glide through any brush.

Some Pro’s:

  • Sharp and Ready to Use
  • Nice Paint Job
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Long Lifetime

Some Con’s:

  • Can be A Bit Sharp
  • The Set is a Little Large

Cleated Fishing Boots

These are a must in the spring. You never know if it is going to get chilly out and the last thing you want is cold feet. This causes impatience and shortens the time of your fishing trip. They are great to have and a must for spring bass fishing.

Some Pro’s:

  • Protects Against Elements
  • Keeps Feet Dry
  • Reasonable Length
  • Flexible

Some Con’s:

  • Can Fit Snug
  • Only Comes in Select Sizes

All-American Fishing Performance Fishing Sweater

It is great to have layers. As mentioned above, you never know when the weather might drop. Just a small drop in temperature can feel like a big change. Layers are always good. You wanted to be comfortable and prepared to have a great fishing trip experience.

Some Pro’s:

  • Completely Comfortable
  • Durable for Outdoor Uses
  • Hood for Head Warmth
  • Soft on Skin

Some Con’s:

  • Not Waterproof
  • Must Be Washed Regularly

Last Important Things To Take Note On

Fishing in the Spring can be tricky but don’t give up quickly. The challenge makes it all worth the while. Once you are pulling in that Spring Bass you will become hooked and want to go every year. Just remember to be patient and move around.

Fish where the water changes but stay on the shallow end. This will ensure more chances of getting a bite.

Alan Smith