The Top Lures For Pike : All You To Know

We all know that the best place to fish for Pike is in shallow areas and weed beds. This can make the sport a little tricky but don’t fret. With the right lure you can avoid being tangled up and get right on to reeling in some nice-looking Pike.

I have formulated a list of the top lures for pike below that I believe will provide the best results. You will need a durable lure for the area of fishing. Do note that Pike loves to fight. This makes them fun to catch but with that you will want your lure to hold up. Let’s get started!

What To Look For In A Lure

Not every lure is the same. Just try to search the internet and you can become quickly overwhelmed. You need to know exactly what kind of lure you need as well as many other factors. You first need to know your fish. Here are some things to take in mind when shopping for top lures for pike.

Things To Note About Pike

  • Pike is always caught on a lure with live or dead bait.
  • A large Pike is over 35 inches.
  • You need a 10 to 12-pound test line. A 20-pound test if you plan on bringing in a big one!
  • They eat everything. They are a predatory fish and will eat their own kind. (Stocking a pond with them is hard to do.)
  • They are related to the Muskie.

Where Can You Find Pike?

Underwater structures are known for hiding Pike away safely. That is why top lures for pike are a must! When I say structure, I am talking about fallen trees, weed beds, boulders and in smaller streams.

They are smart and that’s what makes it fun. Note that where prey fish may be, there will be Pike ready to gobble them up. Pike ambush their prey, so they do not normally hunt in schools.

Does Lure Size Matter?

​When catching pike, I would say that it does not. Pike is smart fish and can be cautious. There are several reasons why a large lure will not always work for bigger Pike.

Reasons Bigger Pike Won’t Bite Larger Lures

  • Pike is extremely cautious. They will not bite if the catch is too easy. They like to hunt and might think something is off if they are presented with large bait that is not even trying to get away.
  • A smaller lure is easier to manipulate and easy to show it in a way as being aggressive causing the Pike to attack and be hooked by your lure.
  • Fish, including Pike do not go after larger fish in most cases. The bigger pike have grown to the size they are by being good at hiding and careful on what they bite.

Some Extra Resources

  • Fishinglifestyle.net has a lot of information when it comes to pike and I highly recommend checking them out before planning your trip.
  • Mysterytacklebox.com gives some tips and tricks when it comes to catching some Northern Pike.
  • Also, a good video from YouTube that gives information about the different kinds of lures.

Review Of The Best Pike Lures 2017

Here are some of the top lures for pike. I hope this helps you find the best one for your budget. I have included some great features about each one as well as What I don’t like .

The Lixada 8"

The Lixada 8” is a hard bait that is multi-jointed. This causes it to maneuver easily and attract the pikes’ attention. It is a sinking lure which requires you to start reeling as soon as it hits the water.


  • You can troll with it.
  • It works great in both salt and fresh water.
  • It is scratch resistant and durable.
  • The material is made of ABS for long lifetime.


  • It has two treble hooks on the bottom that can be of use but for others it can seem to just get in the way.
  • You must reel them in slow or they will come right back up to the surface.
  • The sinking effect is not fast.

Sougayilang Fishing Lure

The Sougayilang Fishing Lure made our list of top lures for pike due to its body detail. It has such a high resolution. The pike love this and will quickly bite on shiny and flashy lures as the such.


  • Its great for all kinds of fish not just pike. You can use it for other fish if you decide to.
  • It creates a life-like motion to attract the pike to bite.
  • This one can be used on a smaller pound test line if you wish.
  • Great for bait sizes 3”-5”.
  • Has great top water action.


  • Can be prone to getting tangled.
  • They are very light, so you may need some extra weight to be able to cast a little further.
  • The hooks can dull quickly.

Aorace Pike Lure

Aorace Pike Lures mimic a real-life minnow. This attracts the pike right to it and provokes them to bite. They swivel and maneuver to provide all the right attraction when it comes to pulling out those great pike.


  • It has 3D eyes to cause more of an attraction to the bait.
  • They come in a variety of different colors.

  • The life time is long. They are durable.
  • The hooks are sharp and stay that way for some time.


  • They are floating lures not suspending.
  • You must reel in slower than normal.
  • You must be skilled in making the lure swim for these.

SeaKnight Minnow Fishing Lures

The SeaKnight Minnow Fishing Lures are top floating lures that are great for salt or fresh water fishing. They made the top lures for pike due to their amazing design and affordable price.


  • It’s a minnow bait. High chances of bites.
  • Great for salt and fresh water.

  • Swimming action is fast or slow speed reel-in.
  • They are vibrant and reflective.


  • Treble hook can dull out quickly.
  • Not great for lighter reels

PLUSINNO Fishing Lure

This fishing lure is great for catching pike. It has an incredible design and the hooks last for some time. They normally come in a set and are reasonably priced.


  • Vibrant colors are popping on this lure.
  • It has steel stamped blades for prevention against rusting.

  • Has a life-like swimming action.
  • Has a sharp treble hook.


  • They can be on the smaller side for lures.
  • The actual body is not steel.


When choosing which lure is best for you consider all the components above. The great thing about lures for pike, they all can be used in fresh or saltwater.

The best lure I have found out of this list of top pike lures is the Lixada 8”. I know it has a few con’s but the pros out weight them any day. You won’t be able to grab the full effect just by me telling you, so I strongly suggest you try one out yourself. You will be glad you did!

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