Top Excited Tips On How To Catch A Salmon Fish -Mind-Blowing Ideas That Will Make You Amazed!

Are you trying hard but no satisfactory result? Do you want to know how to catch a salmon fish? Calm down and read this post. I will help you with the best tips that will help quite helpful for catching salmon fish.

How you can get salmon depends on persistence and knowledge. Regardless of how well-informed you are in ways of salmon, this continues to require time and also sustained efforts to catch salmon perfectly and in a huge number.

In case you have never trapped a salmon before then I recommend a very good place to begin will be in Macintoshes Rocks Two kilometers upstream from mouth of Waimakariri River. Provided river situations are beneficial attempt to fish daily if at all possible between early April and late December.

At least you are absolute to notice salmon being trapped. A few days there will be none used. Some other time there might be simply a couple of used through whole day. Nevertheless, on a few of all those around 120 days, there might be a number of dozens caught - occasionally every single day.

In case you are just an irregular salmon angler who else fishes on 6 of all those days you may need to be fortunate! Even though this will get crowded alongside there, whenever salmon run you can get advantages of discovering out from some other anglers the number of salmon had been caught at time of your absence.

The particular anglers who else regularly get plenty of salmon every time in Mackintoshes’ are there almost daily! 

  • Time On Water

Number one guideline is that you need to set time in. Certain, in case you realize what you are doing this will require a much less time to get a fish on stones; however, you are nevertheless likely to have time in just to catch salmon.

Time is on top of this list. This is the majority of significant solitary element with salmon fishing. We need to think about it a little more. There are 365 days in year. Just at the time of 5 months, or even regarding 150 of all those days will certainly there be significant figures of salmon about.

The months which salmon will certainly the rivers, and also be available for the anglers to get, are from late November to late April.

This differs from river to river and year to year. Throughout the part of all these 150 days, rivers will certainly be higher and also unclean the following north-west situations which mean rainfall in Southern Alps.

Throughout these times of discolored water, the fish will certainly be very difficult to get simply because they cannot notice your equipment (lures).

  • The Winding Speed

This is amazing just how many salmon anglers choose minimum profitable fishing ways without having recognized this. Main amongst these is simply winding the handle on all their reels too rapidly. In case you move your handle in half pace of bloke alongside you, you might be much more likely to be on perfect track.

The particular salmon will be on bottom. I imply right on bottom. Certainly, you will discover odd fish bouncing out of water. However vast majority of salmon will probably be down hard on bottom.

  • Where Can You Fish?

The particular answer for this query lies with just how much time and also, to a specific level, how much cash you have. In case you reside close to mouth of Waimakariri River, this may not help make a great deal of sense to fish mainly in Rakaia, Rangitata, Hurunui or even Waitaki Rivers.

On the other hand, of these primary salmon rivers, Rakaia is undoubtedly the most productive in the case of fish amount.

In case you reside in Christchurch, and also have a gas-run guzzler car, price of regular travels to distant water may quickly add up.

However in case you reside in Kaiapoi and also just fish in Mclntoshes on Waimakariri River - wherever you do not even require waders to fish from rocks - salmon fishing may be a cheap past-time. The angler who else locally lives is at an advantage always.

  • Down River Or Upstream?Time On Water

It is possible to switch rivers in search of salmon. You may also change methods within the similar river. This is sometimes feasible to fish pocket of crystal clear water in surf even if river is in flooding. Of course, you can fish in river while the sea is challenging.

In order to reap the benefits of both choices, you need 2 fishing rods. For river task a graphite rod of about 7 ft in length is perfect to get the job done. This type of fishing rod is additionally perfect whenever salmon angling from a boat.

This will pay to purchase greatest salmon gear you can have enough money simply because continuous casting and also constant use needed of salmon tackle will eventually show up the limited comings of the low quality products.

Best Tips To Catch Salmon Effectively

  • Up-river salmon angling indicates discovering fish holding the water. Usually needs much more reconnaissance and travel
  • Angling close to mouth provides simpler accessibility, company of some other salmon anglers, normal up-dates regarding fish caught
  • Just a wet line attracts fish! Regardless of how costly your angling gear is, this will not catch fish unless of course you utilize this
  • Attempt to the fish difficult throughout the peak of season between Januarys to March
  • Salmon might be present even though you may not notice them. You can expect a fish on each cast
  • The salmon are more often close to bottom. You should Cast upstream and do not wind too quickly!


If this is your first time fishing experience, then I must suggest you to go through this post once again and keep all the tips in mind that will help you get a big catch. You should have persistence and knowledge before you go for catching salmon fish.

Finally, I have revealed all the tactics on how to catch a salmon fish more effectively. Please use the comment box below and share your thoughts about this post.

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