How To Fish With The Different Types Of Fishing Rods?

Fishing enthusiasts would know about the different types of fishing rods available in the markets today but not all of them are aware of the benefits of each one of these rods and how they aid in the whole fishing experience.

There are lot more options than the simple fishing rods that we as laymen are aware of and each one of these rods is used for specific purposes and in specified areas.

The Different Types Of Fishing Rods Include

1. Spinning Rod

This is the rod that is used for the shore based fishing trips. These are popular among the fishing enthusiasts as they are easy to use and maintain. They are available at the most affordable prices and are mostly suitable for light lures. Nylon monofilament is one of the leading lines that are preferred for spinning rods.

To cast the reeling line is left loose from the spool slowly. Make sure that your release the line slowly after fixing the bait as otherwise, it might lead to the reel forming knots which will be a problem for further casting.

2. Casting Rods

Casting rods are meant for fishermen who wish to place the bait at different positions and lure the large fishes. There are two basic sub-types of casting rods.

They are:

  • Bait casting: Unlike the traditional type, the spool of this type of rod is fixed in a perpendicular manner. They get the alternative name ‘revolving spool reels’ as the reels move back and forth while casting and retrieving the line for fishing.

It is available at a pretty affordable price. If you can master the art of casting with this bait casting rod you are sure to have a great time at your fishing trip.

  • Spin casting: In this type of rod, the reel is enclosed and it leaves and returns to the same end of the rod. At the back of the reel, a button is present which is capable of releasing and drawing the line as per requirement.

If you have a good budget to buy the next rod for your fishing trip then these spin casting rods are a very probable option.

3. Fly Casting Rods

These are used effectively for casting lightweight baits such as virtual flies, for long distances. These are useful when you are looking forward to catching small fishes with ease. These are lightweight themselves and the line and the spool together provide the weight to balance the whole motion of fishing with these rods.

They take into account the flexibility and the strength of the rod in order to make the fishing process an easy task. They are also good for a high-speed casting of the bait for long distances and are generally made of composite fibers or wooden mount.

4. Sea Fishing Rods


These rods are heavy duty rods and only suitable in case you are planning to go out in the ocean on a fishing spree. They are specifically meant for game fishing and for fishing sharks and the like. The spool and the line are also very strong and heavy in nature compared to most other fishing rods.

When you are out at the sea the length of the rods need not be too long compared to when you are fishing from the beach or from rocks. Thus, the length of this type of fishing rod is somewhat medium in size.

5. Ice Fishing Rods

Given the lack of space and the purposes of the game, ice fishing rods are very short in size. They are about 20 to 30 inches in length. The hook is mounted on the rod to spin the line around it manually by hand.

The grip for this ice fishing rod is expected to be on a whole different level; due to the given weather condition the rod has chances of slipping out of the hands. Thus, for a perfect grip, a perfect material needs to be used. If you are planning to go ice fishing you should surely go through the range of ice fishing rods available in the market today and make your choice wisely.

6. Surf Rods

This can be considered as one type of sea fishing rod itself. However, there are some major differences between sea fishing rods and surf rods if you look into it closely. Surf rods, unlike sea fishing rods, have a very long casting line compared to sea fishing rods.

The basic theory about these rods is that they can be cast for long distances which are extremely necessary as they are cast from the beach or the rocks in the sea.

These are also easy to use and thus if you are planning to have a relaxed time on the beach fishing, buy these rods for a better experience.

7. Trolling Rods

These rods are used to hang the bait behind small boats. These are easy to use as you can just hand the bait and wait for the fish to be lured towards the bait. They are good for enticing fishes such as tuna and large fishes. They are heavy built and are used for fast action.

They are used for targeting larger game fish. They are somewhat similar to spinning rods. However they are used when you do not want to waste time to hold fishing rods.


There are many more rods available in the market for the individual fishing experience. Thus, if you are looking for any special fishing experience then it is better that you choose a special set of fishing rod which makes a difference in the whole fishing trip. The prices and the designs and activity of these fishing rods are different. The different rods have different features.

You decide on your budget and then decide which kind of fishing rod will be most suitable for your next fishing trip, go through the reviews and make your selection effectively. Let us know if it was useful for selecting your next fishing rods from the different types of fishing rods illustrated in the article above.

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Alan Smith